Sustainable Fashion Cheat Sheet





Looking to learn more about Sustainable Fashion? We have you covered. Our Sustainable Fashion Cheat Sheet offers an introduction to sustainable fashion and how to incorporate it into your existing closet. 

Our Sustainable Fashion Cheat Sheet Features:

  • What sustainable fashion is
  • What is Fast Fashion and why it is considered unsustainable
  • What to do if you already own Fast Fashion
  • Ways to see if a brand is truly sustainable
  • And more...


Having worked in Corporate Social Responsibility for over 5 years and being versed in the Sustainable Fashion space, I know the world of Sustainable Fashion can be overwhelming. My goal is to help you create a conscious closet to love. Our approach is informative, inspiring, and non-judgmental. Imperfect environmentalists, capsule wardrobe enthusiasts, and those wanting to learn more are all welcome. If this sounds like you, this guide is for you! 


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