A community for the Go-Getter and World Changer

Let's celebrate everyone who is a Go-Getter and World Changer!

As we work to transform the fashion industry and empower women, we know that one of the best ways to do that is elevate the work being done in the world. By highlighting this work we can help connect and accelerate change.

 Introducing our monthly Go-Getter and World Changer Highlight. We are selecting a go-getter and world changer to highlight in our community.

 What is a go-getter and world changer?

We view them as people who are actively chasing their dreams and strive to make the world better.

No need to be working in sustainable fashion or a perfect environmentalist. All who are working toward a better world for all is a go-getter and world changer.


Together we can further build and support each other to chase our dreams and change the world. We know there are so many incredible people doing amazing work to better our communities and we want to share it.


How does it work?

1. Nominate your favorite go-getter and world changer on this form for a chance to be featured in an upcoming highlight. 

*We will review the form and be in contact if the nominee is selected for the coming month highlight. No need to resubmit each month, we will keep on file for 6 months and may feature them within that time.

2. Be sure to join our community so you don't miss an update and highlight of our featured go-getter and world changer. 

3. Share with your community so we can celebrate every go-getter and world changer.


Questions? Contact us here, we would love to connect.