What is Slow Fashion?

What is Slow Fashion?

You've probably heard plenty of people mention fast fashion, but what about slow fashion? This is basically the opposite of the fast fashion trend, and focuses on deliberate creation of fashionable, timeless, and high-quality items. Instead of something that's made quickly and destined to end up in a landfill in just a few months or years, slow fashion considers the resources and the processes used to make items, and looks for ethical and sustainable ways to create fashionable pieces that last.

While slow fashion is very similar to sustainable fashion, they aren't identical. Instead, they follow similar guidelines with one key difference: slow fashion is specifically focused on reducing consumption and production. It's like going back to the way clothing was handled years ago, when buying clothes was about shopping for quality pieces that would be worn and cared for throughout life.

The slow fashion movement is relatively recent, and has mostly been noticed in the last 10 years. More brands are beginning to reject fast fashion trends and principles, and choosing a clothes-making approach that's far more sustainable. Kate Fletcher, of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, coined the term, which piggybacked off the slow food movement.

When fast fashion first began, around 30 years ago, it encouraged brands to create poorly made clothing that was trendy and could be worn for a short period of time. But the clothes fell apart or wore out quickly, and were discarded in favor or something else. People buying into this trend didn't mind, since by the time the clothing wore out there was already a new style to buy.

Slow fashion encourages people to shop their closet, and use what they have. It's also about buying quality pieces that are sustainably sourced and locally made. Repairing garments, shopping for thrifted items, and taking good care of the clothes that are already owned are other slow fashion ideals.

By making these kinds of changes, and keeping clothing for a much longer period of time, slow fashion is easier in the environment. It also saves shoppers money, and helps them pass along clothing they no longer need in more responsible ways.

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