Three Sustainable Fashion Podcasts to Inform and Inspire

Three Sustainable Fashion Podcasts to Inform and Inspire

I love to listen to podcasts. Going a walk or run, cleaning, a long drive, or a Saturday morning with a hot cup of tea, you can find me listening to a podcast. There is something so inspiring, informative, and entertaining in listening to conversations on topics I love.

While I listen to a variety of podcasts and topics, I find myself going to podcasts focused on sustainable fashion. I continue to learn about how we can collectively transform the fashion industry, the intersectionality of fashion and society, and the fellow go-getters and world changers in this space.

Whether you are new to sustainable fashion or an expert, these podcasts are sure to become your fast favorites. These are some of my favorite sustainable fashion podcasts (listed in alphabetical order).


Conscious Chatter

This podcast is hosted by Kestrel Jenkins and covers the vast intersectionality of the fashion industry and society. Through thought provoking conversations with industry leaders and change makers, we can reimagine the fashion industry and how to get there. This a great podcast for those who have a basic understanding of sustainable fashion and are ready to dive deeper. With over 250 episodes, it can be hard to know where to start. We recommend either searching within the podcast for a specific topic or starting at season one for an introduction.


Conscious Style Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Elizabeth Joy and explores the way we can collectively transform the fashion industry. We love how approachable this podcast is and its non-judgmental take. It gives inspiring and thoughtful insight into what sustainable fashion is and the various intersections with societal challenges. The variety of guests from brands, labor rights organizers, and leaders in this space provide diverse perspective into how we can support a more equitable fashion industry. This is a great podcast for those curious or learning about sustainable fashion.


Crash Course Fashion

This podcast is hosted by Brittany Sierra, founder of The Sustainable Fashion Forum. Through engaging conversations with brands and thought leaders, this podcast looks at how fashion brands can improve the fashion industry from within. Whether you are a fashion brand or consumer, this podcast is a great way to learn more about the fashion industry and how we can work to transform it. I love Brittany’s approachable and personable take on fashion and sustainability. Her transparency is refreshing and enjoyable to listen to.


These podcasts are great ways to join the conversation on transforming the fashion industry. If you are like me, you start with one or two episodes and find yourself in a rabbit hole to learn even more. As someone who has worked in Corporate Social Responsibility for over 6 years and have a sustainable fashion brand, there is always more to learn and do. The industry continues to evolve, and these podcasts help keep us informed, inspired, and engaged in the conversations needed to create a more equitable, safe, and fair fashion industry.

We hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as we do. Happy Listening.


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