10 Journal Prompts for reflection and growth

Ten Insightful Journal Prompts for Reflection and Growth

I have personally kept a journal since I was eight years old. It is such a unique and humbling experience to look back and see what you have overcome, what you have achieved, and how much you have grown.

The great thing about a journal is that the possibilities are endless, you can write about anything you want. For some it is liberating and for others it can be overwhelming. To help combat overwhelm and help make the most of your journaling experience, we have put together 10 journal prompts for refection and growth.



What are journal prompts?

Simply put, journal prompts are questions or statements that prompt journaling ideas. Journaling prompts can be questions, statements, or reflection considerations and can cover a wide variety of topics. Journal prompts can be especially helpful to guide the journaling experience and support self-discovery.

Our Suite Stitch Journal Prompts are categorized as Lessons, Passions and Interests, and Reflections. Each prompt is designed to build confidence, promote self-discovery, and support more intentional living. These journal prompts can be done in any order and at any time.



Describe a time you were resilient.

What is the best decision you have ever made?


Interests and Passions

What is something people said you are good at? Did it come natural to you?

What hobby or interest do you wish you started earlier and why?

What would you describe as three of your strengths?




Describe a time you felt true accomplishment.

Describe a time you felt most like your authentic self.

Describe a time you felt most confident.

What has been the biggest area of growth for you in the past year?

What does success look like?


Looking for more journal prompts? We have our full digital Journal Prompt guide included in our Intention collection to dive further into topics of Lessons, Passions and Interests, and Reflections.



Journaling can be an important part of well-being. There is something so powerful about putting your thoughts to paper. We hope these journal prompts are helpful in your self-discovery and living with intention. Now it is time to find a quiet place, cozy up with some hot tea, and let the journaling begin.

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