Recap of Our Joyful Blouse Launch

Recap of Our Joyful Blouse Launch

As summer collapses into fall (Oscar Wilde), we wanted to take a minute to look back at the incredible launch that we just had for our newest design, the Joyful Reversible Cropped Blouse.

We received our reversible cropped blouse just in time for summer and transitioning into Fall (our favorite season, btw!). As with all of our launches, it is an exciting time to celebrate the love, time, and effort put in across the supply chain to bring the product to life. (Learn more about our incredible women owned and sustainable factory here.)

The launch started on August 1st and went until August 15th featuring the product on our website and a giveaway. With the launch behind us, our reversible cropped blouse is featured on our website and ready to be part of your conscious closet. Get it here!

People always ask what inspires our designs at Suite Stitch and here is the answer:

The reversible cropped blouse came to life with sustainability in mind at every step of the way. We had left over fabric from our debut design, the Jill Dress, and would not let our fabric go to waste. As a reminder, the fabric was milled to order in L.A. by a women owned company focused on sustainable materials. 

I designed to the remaining fabric, considering styles that would be perfect for the fabric, color, and style. I also took inspiration from current trends in fashion, capsule wardrobes, sustainable fashion influencers, and our current collection. The inspiration is used alongside my other sketches to create new design sketches. I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to have a blouse to compliment my current collection. 

I gravitated to the boxy cut and cropped top to coordinate with existing capsule wardrobes. Our goal with all designs is to make the style versatile. In order to be part of a conscious closet and designed with sustainability in mind, I knew the design needed to be able to be worn in multiple ways. This led me to incorporate two necklines making it a reversible and versatile piece. Size inclusivity was also a major consideration. We wanted to extend our sizing as we see the sustainable fashion space does not always cater to various sizes. This design allowed us to expand our size range and are proud to offer XS to 2X. 

Once the design was created, we partnered with our incredible factory to bring the product to life. With our collective expertise we were able to get the fit just right in only one sample! This allowed us to save money and get to launch quicker. 

Our blouse is proudly made in Guatemala and it typically takes several weeks to make the blouse and ship it to our team in the United States. We work with the factory timelines and do not "rush" orders which is known in the fashion industry to put pressure on the factory to cut corners, often at the expense of the worker. We understand it may take longer to get a product created, but as we all know, good things take time. 

We love to create pieces that can be worn year round and the reversible cropped blouse is intended to be styled for year round wear. The versatile necklines and boxy fit can pair nicely with denim, skirts, slacks, and shorts seamlessly. Throw a cardigan over it in the fall or wear it over a bathing suit in summer! There are truly endless options.

We are not about selling items for the sake of selling. It is important to be mindful of what we consume and how the product was made. Here at Suite Stitch we offer tools and resources to create a conscious closet you love. Our clothing and products are meant to supplement what your closet may be missing or to replace items that are well worn and loved. Each item is designed and made to last, becoming a well loved part of your closet. 

We strive to take the stress out of finding sustainable clothing by creating our Sustainable Fashion Cheat Sheet. It is a beginners guide to building your sustainable closet, one piece at a time. 

Suite Stitch is introducing an alternative to fast fashion for the modern career woman. Each product is thoughtfully designed, made with eco-friendly materials, and made in socially responsible factories. Learn more and shop here!

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