Our Journey to Suite Stitch

Our Journey to Suite Stitch


My name is Randi and I am so excited to share my passion to transform the fashion industry to be more eco-friendly and socially responsible. My passion has developed from my love of fashion and drive to make the industry better.

During my childhood, I was energetic, artistic, and full of ideas. Often, I was told that I was “in my head” and had a vivid imagination. In middle school, I found my creative outlet in fashion design. Every day after school I would come back to my room and start sketching designs and making pattens in my living room. My sister even had to act as my model, showcasing my designs to my family as she strutted down the runway (the hallway).

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As I learned more about the fashion industry and attended fashion school, the more I saw the impact of the fashion industry. Fashion has a huge impact on our natural resources, the environment, and the people in the global supply chain. I was so struck by the negative impact of fashion I felt compelled to be part of the solution.

My focus changed and I wanted to work in Corporate Social Responsibility to improve global working conditions. This led me to work in Corporate Social Responsibility as a Social Compliance Manager for a major retailer working on improving the lives of workers in the supply chain.

Throughout my career, I wanted to find work wear for the office, conferences, and travel that matched my values and lifestyle. Most of what I found was either eco-friendly but very casual or appropriate for the office but was not made in a way that matched my values, including fast fashion.

All these passions and my own need for ethical office wear turned into the idea for an ethical women’s apparel brand, Suite Stitch, that aligns with our values, empowers women to be their best, and transforms the apparel industry.

Suite Stitch will be part of the solution. It will provide an alternative to fast fashion, support sustainable and ethical supply chains, and help women look and feel their best.

 I am so excited to embark on this journey and share the process and product launch with you.

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