Our connection to the people behind the product

Our connection to the people behind the product

As human beings we all seek and need connection. During these unprecedented times, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of connection.

 An important connection to note are those embedded in our goods. Our items literally travel the globe to get to us. Take for example a cotton T-shirt, your morning coffee, the furniture you sit on (even more now with work from home). Each of these items include raw materials that are grown and harvested. Those materials are then sent to other locations to be processed and turned into the final product. The products are transported to ports, shipped across the world, and transported to distribution centers. Eventually these are transported to retail stores or direct to consumer.

In each of these processes, countless people contribute to bringing these items to life. It takes an incredible network of people in the global supply chain to design, create, and distribute the items we buy and consume every day.

COVID has given us a new sense of appreciation for the availability of goods and all the people in the supply chain who make it happen. This pandemic has also created unprecedented impacts to the global supply chain leaving many without work or protections. 

Having been involved in Corporate Social Responsibility for five years and seeing production facilities, I can attest to the incredible and talented people in the supply chain. Each person in the supply chain has a vital role to play.

Photo: OPB

Here at Suite Stitch, we are on a mission to support dignified work. To show that workers at all stages in global supply chains are vital. Part of supporting dignified work is making sure all workers are working in safe, healthy, and equitable environments.

In support of our mission, Suite Stitch is committed to using socially responsible factories for our production and valuing our suppliers wellbeing. We are all connected to the makers behind our items. We have a voice to support dignified work and appreciate all that went into our goods.

Connection is powerful. We welcome you to join the Suite Stitch community of go-getters and world changers for more discussion on sustainable fashion. Let us continue to stay connected to the items we use and the wonderful people who bring it to life.


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