Go-Getter and World Changer- Reeba Daniel

Go-Getter and World Changer- Reeba Daniel

I am excited to share our debut Go-Getter and World Changer highlight.

What is a go-getter and world changer?

We view them as people who are actively chasing their dreams and strive to make the world better.

I am honored to share more about Reeba Daniel (she/they) as our debut Go-Getter and World Changer highlight. Reeba and I met at the start of creating Suite Stitch through an entrepreneur group. We instantly clicked and from there began to collaborate and cheer each other on. I admire Reeba for their drive, passion, and dedication to make our community and world a better place. Below, Reeba shares more about their work to support wellness and food equity.

Reeba Daniel, founder of R&ARIE and Keep Growing Seeds has created a self-care support system powered by creating hyper intentional products, wellness event management, food product maker, and small business collectives creator.

Reeba is a farmer focused on cultivating medicinal and culinary herbs that are culturally specific, heirloom, and ancestral. They are a food autonomist and teach folks how to grow their own food by using easily accessible household items. A passion of theirs is creating access for those marginalized and so serves as the DEI chair for the Farmers Market Fund. Reeba's Keep Growing Seeds Library provides seed rentals to the community and a children's self-care garden.

Reeba spends most of their time surrounded by nature and the love of their family. A homeschool caregiver, they employ the empowering act of social justice, foraging, growing food and adaptive sensory experiences to share resiliency skills and grow a self-care toolkit that they have for life. 

As part of our go-getter and world changer highlight, we want to not only celebrate but to share and inspire others to take part in this important work. If you or someone you know would love to learn more or help in the work Reeba is doing, check out http://www.r-arie.com/ or email Reeba at contact@r-arie.com.    
Do you know of other go-getters and world changers? Nominate them for an upcoming go-getter and world changer highlight. 
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