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3 Ways to Combat Style & Fashion Creative Block


This post is written and created by Erica Green founder of Erica's Armoire. Erica's Armoire is a style blog where I focus on work to weekend style where color is a MUST! I want to inspire women to add more color to their wardrobe for work and for play



Do you know anyone who has a closet filled with clothes, but never has anything to wear? Yes, we all know one or two of those people. This person maybe you.

Occasionally, we all suffer from creative block when it come to our style and creating a look. Even those of us we are extremely creative and use creativity to fill us up, suffer from creative block.

I express my creativity through style and fashion, and it throws me off track when I suffer from creative block. Today I’m sharing 3 tips to help combat creative block with style and fashion that you can use continuously throughout your style journey.

1. Step Away and Plan


We’ve all heard or said these words before.

“Ahhh! Nothing is working out.”

“I hate this top.”

“These shoes are not bringing this look together.”

The first thing I do when creative block sets in when styling a look is step away. Just leave it alone, take a breath, go for a walk and just stop. In my opinion, the worst thing you can do when having creative block is keep going. Taking a break away from the project or item allows your brain to reset. Having a change of scenery, like going for a walk, helps increase this shift in the brain.

Once you’ve stepped away, plan. Plan when you will get back to styling the look. What is the look you’re trying to achieve? What is the occasion? When is the due date (when do you need to wear it)? Planning my looks ahead of time is a winning recommendation that I use 99% of the time. When trying to create a look on the spot and you have multiple options, it can often lead to creative block or overwhelm.

2. Look at What’s Trending


Now that you’ve stepped away, enhance your planning by looking up entire looks, clothing, shoes, or accessories that are trending. While I do not like to lean on trends too heavily, researching what’s trending is a good way to get your creative juices flowing. My recommendation is to combine one trendy item with your personal style to create the perfect look. Not sure of your personal style? Use this FREE Personal Style Discovery Template  I created to help you fine tune or uncover your personal style.

3. Shop your Closet


Finally, to combat creative block with styling a look, SHOP! YOUR! CLOSET!! Shopping your closet is the best things a style and fashion lover can do. We all have items in our closet that we’ve overlooked and neglected to buy those new items that come across our social media feeds from our favorite brands. I always find the most creative inspiration when I shop my closet with the things I already have. This is your opportunity to really get creative and style entire looks differently than you have in the past for different occasions.

Fashionistas and style lovers, use these three tips the next time creative block comes knocking at your door when creating a look. Do not allow creative block to stop you from styling your next fashionable moment.


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