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Stepping Back Can Help Propel You Forward Transforming Your To Do List

One of the biggest shifts I made in my work is to look at my priorities by week and not by the day.

When I would look at my priorities by day, it would feel like an uphill battle. Each day could look completely different from the next and it was hard to factor in all aspects of my life equally.

 I found myself trying to be “productive” all day to meet my goals and fit in the activities that I found meaningful. This translated to trying to fit in exercise, meditation, reading, art, and connecting with loved ones every day. This was completely unrealistic for the number of commitments I had; however, it provided a shift in perspective.

I found that prioritizing my goals and basing my view of “productive” by the week rather than by the day, actually allowed me to be more productive overall.

When you look at priorities by week, it provides greater flexibility to incorporate all your activities, even when some days are busier than others.


So how do you view your priorities by week?

  1. Determine the priorities and activities you find meaningful and the amount of time you can reasonably dedicate to these activities.

These should be the activities that do not typically require a set time to complete. Examples include connecting with friends and family, mediation, reading, and exercise. The time you allocate is completely up to you and your current schedule and commitments. Try to start with smaller time allotments such as 30 minutes per day and gradually increase.

  1. Add these activities and other commitments in the form of “To Do” but not set for any specific day or time. Based on your day, mood, energy level, and resources, pick the items on the list that you feel you could accomplish in that moment.

Keep these activities listed somewhere where they can stay top of mind and visible such as a planner. Notice what times of the week you have the most energy and feel more focused. Some days you will get through more on the list than others, and this is ok and expected.

  1. Review and adjust as needed to make sure your time is aligned with your priorities.

With each week, you will gain more insights into what worked, what did not, and any areas you want to adjust the following week. This is a process that takes time and evolves with your lifestyle.


Schedules are personal and should reflect the commitments and activities that bring you joy and help you reach your goals. Schedules, goals, and time commitments change over time and can make it hard to fit in all the activities you want to do. Viewing your priorities by week and completing these goals based on your time, mood, and energy levels can help you accomplish more on your list.  This simple yet profound change just might help transform the way you work, live, and thrive.

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