3 Ways to Incorporate Sustainable Fashion in 2023

3 Ways to Incorporate Sustainable Fashion in 2023

The importance and value of sustainable fashion continues to gain ground, and if you want to incorporate it in 2023 there are plenty of great ways to do that. But what's the best way to get started, and what will help you make the biggest impact right from the beginning?

Here are three of the best ways to get started with sustainable fashion.

1. Buy From Transparent Fashion Brands

Some brands are much more transparent about how they make their products and the materials they use. When a brand is open about these things it's easier to see if their values align with the sustainability you're trying to create in your fashion choices.

Buying from a transparent brand also helps encourage them to stay that way, and shows other brands that being up-front and open about practices and materials is something consumers appreciate.

How do you know if a brand is transparent? A brand should be able to tell you what materials the product is made of and how workers are treated. While some brands do not share all the details of their factory, the brand should be able to share how and why they selected the factory and any related sustainability or responsible production practices. Larger brands will also have sustainability reports on their website with details on how they source and where they source from. 

2. Choose Materials That are Sustainable

Some materials are much more sustainable than others, and choosing products made with those materials can help you incorporate sustainable fashion into your life more easily. Organic options, recycled materials, and organic, natural fabrics are great choices.

While there is no 100% sustainable material, polyester, rayon, and other manmade fibers are typically considered less sustainable due to the impact on the environment. Doing some research on the kinds of clothing you like, for example, can help you locate alternatives.

3. Invest in Quality Over Quantity

While it can be tempting to own a lot of clothes and other fashion items, most people don't actually wear a lot of what they own. They tend to stay with a few outfits they like the best, and buy extra clothing for other reasons, such as on impulse or on sale.

Rather than investing in a large quantity of clothing, consider investing in fewer pieces and higher quality by creating a capsule wardrobe. Fast fashion options are almost never sustainable, and you want to choose items that you can enjoy for a long time without causing environmental harm.

In short, sustainable fashion doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. There are some excellent ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe for 2023 and beyond, or expand on the items you've already purchased, so you can have clothing you love that's also safe for the earth.

We took the stress out of finding sustainable clothing by creating our Sustainable Fashion Cheat Sheet. It is a beginners guide to building your sustainable closet, one piece at a time. 

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